New Heights for Parks, Culture & Community

Process & Schedule

Project Process

The PRMP is intended to serve as a comprehensive guide for the planning, acquisition, development and operations of parks, trails, park facilities, and recreation and cultural programs throughout the City. The Plan will be conducted in a linear process, building upon previous work; beginning with an overview of the existing parks, analysis of public needs and priorities, formation of a long-range vision, and lastly, a strategic plan for implementation.

SIB Project Process

To gain an accurate understanding of the City of Sunny Isles Beach Parks and Recreation System, as well as residents’ needs and priorities, the consultant team will utilize a triangulated approach with mixed methods for data analysis.

SIB Methods

Project Schedule

The PRMP process is currently in the Research and Public Engagement Phases, to identify community needs and priorities and begin building to the new heights of parks, culture and community. This effort will ultimately lead to the establishment of the long-range Vision and its associated recommendations and the implementation plan. The Final Master Plan will be developed and presented at a public open house before going to the City Commission for adoption.

SIB Project Schedule